Welcome To Earth to Table

Welcome Friends,

Are you ready to transform your wellbeing with a way of eating that will leave you bursting with vitality? My name is Julie and I did just that. Now I want to bring you along on a raw food and culinary journey that will supercharge your life.

I am the creator of the award-winning raw food café Earth to Table, the first raw vegan café to sprout in Sydney’s famous Bondi and created a legacy of serving nourishing and equally tantalising organic raw vegan food for six years.

Whilst the café is no longer in operation my mission is now to inspire and empower others to enjoy a raw living food lifestyle easily and effortlessly at home.

My food philosophy is to spread the word on conscious eating using pure organic wholefood ingredients to create nourishing, blissful food. The best thing about it is that you can make choices that are good for you and good for the planet, whilst also being mouth-wateringly delicious and realistic for everyone to achieve at home. I will guide you through the unique ways I have created for easily incorporating organic, raw, fresh and vital foods into today’s busy lifestyle.

Earth to Table epitomises the best that food has to offer. Food that is rejuvenating, life-enhancing, anti-ageing, enzyme and nutrient-rich, detoxifying and outrageously enjoyable to prepare and eat. This lifestyle is designed to leave you feeling energised and empowered to continue on a journey of optimal health and wellbeing.

No matter what diet or lifestyle you follow, I hope that you will be able to take away an abundance of tips and tricks to incorporate into your everyday living.

The new Earth to Table DIY range including Earth Bread Mix, Raw Crackle and Crunch, and Beyond Porridge, are an easy way to introduce more organic wholefoods into your diet.

Join me and let’s transform our well being and the world one bite at a time.

Earth to Table Manifesto


‘Let’s eat to be happy, healthy and beautiful.
Let’s eat for the love of nature and this planet’ JM


Nourish your mind body and soul, reconnect with your body, with nature through food.


We were born to thrive.
‘ Let’s transform our wellbeing and the world one bite at a time.’ JM

About Julie

Having always been into fitness and nutrition and having a sister who was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I decided to experiment with making healthier desserts and this led me to playing around with beautiful, raw and vegan creations. In turn, this set me off down the raw food path in my life as a whole. Read more